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Sergio Della Sala

Professor in Human Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh. He also holds a contract as Honorary Consultant in Neurology with the Lothian Trust. He is moving from his current position as Professor of Neurosychology at the University of Aberdeen, where he has been since 1994. He has a degree in Medicine, is specialised in Neurology, is qualified as a Clinical Neuropsychologist and has a PhD in Neuropsychology. He is currently editor of Cortex and a member of CICAP, the Italian version of CSICOP, promoting critical and rational thinking. His field of research is Cognitive Neuropsychology, including impairments of memory or perception following brain damage. He published over 200 experimental papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals. His latest book “Mind Myths” was commended book of the year by the British Medical Association. He has been involved in the Public Understanding of Science for a number of years, and gave the 2000 Wellcome Lecture to secondary school science teachers. In 2000 he also organised the exhibition “BrainWaves” in Aberdeen, UK, addressed to the general public. Over 10.000 high-school pupils visited this exhibition in four months.

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