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Announcement for the presentation of posters
at the Fifth World Sceptics Congress

8-10th October 2004

During the Fifth World Sceptics Congress there will be two poster sessions at the "Pietro D'Abano" theatre:
- Friday 8th October from 1.30pm to 3.20pm
- Saturday 9th October from 1.30pm to 3.00pm.
The posters will, however, be displayed for the whole of the conference.

What is a poster?
As the word would suggest it is a sheet on which your own research work will be presented. It can consist of moveable sheets of paper (preferably on thick card) or one large sheet with photos, graphics, type, designs, captions and explanations. Although the conference will have an international flavour, it would be best for the posters to be presented in both Italian and English, although posters in either language will be accepted.

What is a poster session?
This is a session during the conference that will be dedicated to the presentation of the posters. The poster's creators will be asked to stand next to their posters so as to explain them on request and to answer any questions on the public may have about them. In a conference, a poster is a much more flexible form of presentation than an open forum. Indeed this should lead to direct contact with the public and many stimulating discussions.

How do I find out more about posters?
Firstly look at this website. The posters should contain an account of any original research undertaken on "Investigating mysteries" which is the focus of the conference. Posters will therefore be accepted on the following topics:

- Cryptozoology
- Fakirism
- Archaeological fantasies
- Conjuring and magic tricks
- Urban legends
- Alternative medicine
- Mysteries and the Unknown
- New age
- Supernatural
- Parapsychology
- Prophecy
- Science education projects
- Pseudosciences
- Skepticism
- Science
- Spiritualism and the afterlife
- Tricks, swindles and frauds
- UFOs and extraterrestrials

The posters must be a maximum of 100cm x 140cm. The posters must contain a title, the name and group of its creators and the topic for discussion must be identified. For example:

Investigating the Holy Grail
in Turin
John Smith
CICAP (Piedmont)
Mysteries and the unknown

To display a poster at the conference simply send a detailed summary of a maximum of two pages of A4, containing the title, the name and group of the poster?s creators, a correspondence address, the topic they wish to enter and a short description of their research to e-mail: before 10th June 2004. Acceptance letters will be sent out before 30th June 2004.

(Translated from Italian by Alexandra Price)

Sponsored by CSICOP, the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
and by CICAP, the Italian Committee for the Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal