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Hoax In Holland Or Something More Unusual?

SOURCE: UFO Plaza, Home of the Dutch UFO Community


[Editor's Note: Since the first alleged entity photo from Holland made the rounds on the Internet and was reported by media outlets in Europe, most people have written this case off as nothing more than a bad photo hoax. However, the entity activity appears to be continuing and has been witnessed by other people. Aside from witnesses, there is also reported to be Hi-8 video of the activity and a Dutch television crew obtained photos on 35mm film using a disposable camera.

This is not the first time unusual activity has been associated with the entity photographer Robbert van den Broeke. BLT Research Team coodinator Nancy Talbott stayed with van dev Broeke and his family a few years ago in Holland when it was reported that van dev Broeke was having experiences with crop formations. Talbott witnessed beams of light one night very close to the home and a crop formation was discovered the following morning where the light had been.

As for any claims of extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI), ectoplasm, and the sort, UFOWATCHDOG.COM believes it to be premature to make any such proclamations. UFOWATCHDOG.COM does not have an opinion at this time regarding the authenticity of the alleged entity photos and will reserve judgement until a thorough and competent investigation has been completed. UFOWATCHDOG.COM will be presenting a special report on this case soon. Special thanks to UFO Plaza for the following report. Reader comments can be found at bottom of page and will be updated as they are received. Send comments by clicking here...]


4 September 2004

The dutch commercial TV network RTL4 broadcast September 3 a news item about the dutch renowned medium Robbert van
den Broeke. Since the beginning of this year Robbert is able to capture ETI (extra-terrestrial intelligence) on camera (also see: It usually starts with a cricket-like sound. Then the entities appear, and take shape.

The ETI appear on every camera Robbert uses. The skeptical TV crew of the dutch commercial TV network RTL4 gave Robbert a throw-away camera and were totally flabbergasted to find out that the ETI also appeared on this cam! The producer of the TV program still has the pictures in her cam.


It's clear that the entities caught on camera are not physical ones. That explains why there's no visible shadow. This phenomenon has been studied in the parapsychology by Hans Holzer, Ph.D.

The ETI on the camera is an 'immaterial image'. With immaterial images there's a registration of the ectoplasm (a subtle living matter present in the body of a medium, and which is capable of assuming various semi-solid or solid states, which can be, and have been felt, and photographed) or a registration by means of psycho-inductive feedback (caused by the medium directly on the registration material). While these appearances only occur in the presence of Robbert - a person who is a renowned medium with paranormal gifts - is this a matter of a 'mediumistic immaterial appearance' in stead of a physical ETI. With these types of appearances it's understandable that the image itself strongly resembles something actual or archetypically, that means: the perception the medium has out of his memory how something should look like.

The renowned researcher Nancy Talbott of BLT Research, who visited Robbert for research, calls his case unique. Robbert doesn't want to make any money out of his special gifts. That's why he deliberately hides himself from publicity. Robbert's father, a general bank manager, fully supports his son, who had paranormal experiences since childhood. The dutch medium already has a photo album full of pictures of the entities he caught on camera.


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De Telegraaf, the largest newspaper in the Netherlands, published September 4 an article about the dutch renowned medium Robbert van den Broeke. Robbert, 24, has already taken thousands of pictures of entities, appearances and figures. "It's a crime if I don't share this [evidence]. And I have the feeling this is only the beginning." 12 files full of pictures from another world. Thousands of negatives were send to the one hour service; 9 out of 10 he was lucky: "I feel something, an energy, a pressure round my head and then I take pictures of them. Almost every day."

In the practise (anteroom) where Robbert helps people, is a picture of a cross of yellow light. "Taken on Good Friday. In the field I saw in a flash 'bars'. Later on I discovered the cross." Robbert's mother, 51, relates: "Exactly at that moment our granddaughter was borne. 2 months ago he took pictures of me on the couch. Besides me was sitting my deceased brother."

"A niece of ours moved house and was sleeping very bad in her new residence. Robbert photographed her house and suddenly arose a young negro man in a red-green garment." The photo file shows up... "And this is our badroom. In front of the white tiles you can see the face of an old man with a good-hearted smile on his mouth. Everywhere in our house the white entities are caught on camera, looking stoically in the camera lens."



Less cheerful is another image that shows up all the time: of a muscular body with a grotesque, distorted head, just somewhere in the living room. "After a (published) paper article, readers pointed out to us that this is a so-called Mud-man from New-Guinea. These are adorned with mud- or clay masks." It's not always the same one. One is photographed jumping, the other upside-down on the ceiling. A third one has leaves in front of his vitals. A fourth one was carrying away a man over his shoulders.




Pete sends in his take on te photos... A plastic spoon with felt pen drawn eyes held close to the lens, #poof# Ghost! Way too obvious. Something SDM would pull. Have any good Bigfoot photos? Keep up the good work, a fan, Pete

UFOWATCHDOG.COM has received some interesting photos from readers attempting to reproduce the alleged entity photos. This website has also conducted its own photo experiment and will be publishing those pictures soon along with a special report.

Don McCoy writes... These newest van den Broeke pictures have been posted in various places on the Web (Coast to Coast has one pic, Farshores has quite a few). According to those sites, the jury is still out. When you look a the series of pics, it's really pretty obvious that the subjects are little toys, held up in front of the lens, too close to focus on (that also explains how Robbert has had the great luck to take a million pictures). I can't seen all the open mindedness. I don't mean to be a wet balnket, but it's just sad. To make it short, I expect the sensationalism from those sites, but NOT from UFO Watchdog.

Be assured, UFOWATCHDOG.COM is not engaging in any sensationalistic antics here, this site is simply passing along the information.

Steve Nortts writes... I have to agree with everything being said about these photos. After hearing Linda M. Howe dribble on about the first photo I completely lost all interest. But if there is a video tape of this I would like to see it before tossing this one in the hoax file!

Ken Swank writes... Are you kidding me?!?!?!! I wouldn't peddle this crap off on anyone. so obvious the stupid alien is paper cut out held at close range to the camera!!! this is one hoax watchdog should chew up!!!!

Dr.Joye Pugh writes... The photos of the alien appear to be slide images that are being shown on the wall and then a picture taken of it against established objects. Having shown many slide presentations over the years on walls and taken pictures of images from the slides on the walls seem to be quite similar to what Robert is taking. Is anyone present when he takes his photos? If not then I suspect it is as I have suggested and shooting the image of a projected slide would infact produce no shadow.

Believer_One writes... Beacause it does not look like what the general populace think it should does not mean it is not at all real. The coverup is working and people are buying it hook line and sinker.this case is real and the truth will shine through.