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CROP CIRCLES Signs of Intelligence: UFOs, Aliens and Close Encounters of the Second Kind
CROP CIRCLES Interviews: Audio, Video, Text


CICAP created a special section about crop circles (Italian version here).
Francesco Grassi (Electronic Engineer) coordinates the CICAP Study Team.
Email address is: [email protected]

Physiologia Plantarum rejection letter
Why PPL rejected our paper [more... ]
Balls of Light at Hoeven? (by Paolo Russo)
An analysis of the Hoeven crop circle case: is there really any evidence that it has been created by a ball of light?

Balls of lights (2): The Questionable Science of Crop Circles (by Eltjo Haselhoff)
Reaction on the article by Francesco Grassi et al.

Balls of lights (3): The Questionable Science of Crop Circles (by Francesco Grassi, Claudio Cocheo e Paolo Russo)
Grassi et al. reply to the internet rapid reaction by Eltjo Haselhoff on the JSE article.

Available articles:

The dead flies mystery (by Francesco Grassi)
Anomaly or natural phenomenon? The scientific investigation that solved this mystery. [Translated by Paolo Russo]

Balls Of Light (by Francesco Grassi) [English]
A scientific demonstration for "genuine" crop circles? Question and quick answer about Haselhoff claims.

Balls Of Light: The Questionable Science of Crop Circles

  • Press Release [English] 21th June 2005, Journal of Scientific Exploration (JSE) published a new article about crop circles.

JSE Update, 10th July 2005

  • Eltjo Haselhoff published (29th June 2005) onto the DCCCS web site a "rapid reaction " to CICAP JSE article . Although this web reaction could be properly commented by the three authors, Grassi, Cocheo and Russo didn't consider Haselhoff's web article as the formal reply to their JSE article. For this reason they directly invited Haselhoff, and Levengood&Talbott on behalf of Haselhoff, to write an official reply and submit it to JSE journal. Haselhoff agreed with this invitation, so Grassi, Cocheo and Russo will be waiting for the JSE feedback before writing their comments.

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