UFO Invasion

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  • 12-12-2000
  • di Kendrick Frazier

SKEPTICAL INQUIRER editor Ken Frazier invites skeptics to visit www.amazon.co.uk and post comments on the recent anthology, UFO INVASION.

The collection offers SKEPTICAL INQUIRER's best articles on such UFO-related lore as the Roswell Incident, the alien autopsy, crop circles, and the MJ-12 document. To order, call Prometheus Books at 1-800-634-1610.

You can find the UFO INVASION page once you are logged onto www.amazon.co.uk by typing in either the book's title or an editor's name (Frazier, Nickell, Karr) at the Search function.


Ken Frazier's comments on UFO INVASION:

A true believer in UFOs as alien spaceships may not like THE UFO INVASION, but the book aims at a higher level. If you are an open-minded member of the general public honestly curious about the degree to which the stories you read and hear about UFOs have (or don't have) some basis in fact; or if you are a scientifically oriented person who wants to know what scientific examinations of UFO claims have found, I think you will like and respect The UFO Invasion.

It is one of the few books on the market (for others see Klass; Korff; Peebles; and Saler, Ziegler, and Moore) that give a reasoned, fair-minded, scientific perspective on claims of a crashed-flying saucer at Roswell, alien abductions, government cover-ups, and other famed reports of sightings.

Most of the authors are scientists, scholars, and science journalists. The UFO Invasion includes the full three-article investigation by veteran aerospace journalist Philip J. Klass documenting that the notorious MJ-12 "crashed saucer" papers are a hoax. It includes persuasive first-person testimony and documentation by respected atmospheric physicist Charles B. Moore that his New York University / Project Mogul balloon experiments launched from Alamogordo, N.M., in June 1947 were the stimulus for the Roswell crashed saucer report and the source of the debris recovered at that time. It includes main text of the 1995 US Air Force report on the Roswell incident, providing additional support and documentation for that explanation. It decisively debunks the notorious "alien autopsy" movie shown on TV. And it provides a never-before-published full psychological explanation for "alien-abduction" claims.

If you want a reasoned perspective and a mature scientific viewpoint on a subject that has been too often left in the hands of tabloid writers and UFO promoters, this book is for you.


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